Puppy Breeders Health Guarantee

One year health guarantee for all puppies including:

Puppy breeders Health Guarantee

In case of  your puppy develops any untreatable life threatening  defect , please send initial vet exams stating the cause of  death and a picture of the puppy deceased. When making a claim ,we require to send us a copy of all your initial vet exams and your permission to speak with your vet. Please note that canine distemper and canine corona virus symptoms must be to us by your vet in the first 15 days of receiving your puppy (incubation period) to be eligible for the health guarantee.

We do not cover any treatable  disorders or common disorders such as luxating patella, hernias, open fontanel, parasites, and blood sugar.

Please feed your puppy properly to prevent Hypoglycemia/ low blood sugar.

We properly treat all puppies with parasites however, parasites are not covered in our guaranteed as they are common in all puppies and easily treatable.

We will gladly replace your puppy under reasonable circumstances however, we are not reasponsible for any vet bills.

We recommend Nationwide Pet Insurance. They offer wellness

Puppy breeders Health Guarantee

Puppy breeeders

What Our clients say about us …..

I bought a Chocolate Lab through Unique Puppy Center and could not be more pleased. I was kept informed on the entire process of having my puppy delivered right to my front door. It was nice to receive a "care" package prior to the puppy. Any questions I had were quickly answered. The integrity of Unique Puppy Center is tremendous. They pulled from the sale the original puppy I picked out due to a health issue that they became aware of. I highly recommend uniquepuppycenter.com

Jeff Allain

Certainly not cheap, but the cutest, sweetest, smartest little puppy was delivered, by hand, right to my door. I'm totally in love!!

Steve K.

Unique Puppy Center was great to work with. Our experience in getting our puppy was so smooth. We got a heAlthy and happy looking puppy. She is an excellent addition to our family and a loving little sister to my son.

Donna Shapiro

I could not be happier or more impressed. My unique puppy center experience has been positive from day one. My little girl is bringing much joy and companionship to my home.

Roberto Lopez

Unique puppy center was a great way to get our new "baby"! They were responsive to questions, came when they said they would, and overall made the whole process (especially the logistics) stress-free. I am very satisfied with the services provided by them.

Cheryl Freguson

Puppy breeeders