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Have you been searching for a new puppy as a companion and new family member ? If you are here then you found the perfect addition to your family.

Puppy for sale in USA

Welcome to Unique Puppy Center

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Our puppies are the most sweetest most lovable dogs available. They learn quickly and are always eager to please you, their best friend. Attractive and eye catching breeds. Their bodies are small with their fur that feels like wool, giveing them theor characteristic appearance that is so adorable and desirable. They love car rides, leash walks and just spending time with you. Let us guide you to the perfect addition to your family. We can counsel you on what personality of puppy will beast fit your lifestyle. Check out our available puppy page.

Puppy for sale in USA

Bichon Frise Puppy for Sale - Unique Puppy center

A comprehensive respurce for the person looking to own a healthy puppy. We have puppies for sale and our mission is to give you the facts you need about puppies. We ship all over USA and Canada via our Puppy nanny and we proudly serve our local areas and beyond.

Because we set the best puppies around ! We are a family of 6 who love our selected breeds like they are a part of family we would love to be a blessing in helping you find the perfect puppy for your family.

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We have been specializing in particular puppy breeds for over a decade! Established over a decade ago, The Unique Puppy Center was the first upscale puppy botique of its kind , offering only tiny teacup puppies and tor breed puppies for sale at the time,  along with moist exclusive designer teacup dog clothing. Over the years, our shop has attracted a number of high profile celebrity clients and many others who have purchased puppies from us! Today our  Unique Puppy Center  boutique offer proffessional pet grooming and other services in addition to the finest selection of not mostly teacup puppies but we have come down to a few breeds that we can manage with perfection and offer healthy puppies to the world which Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, French Bulldog, Golden Retriver, Labrador Retriver , Pembroke Welsh corgi , Pitbull and Shiba Inu just to name a few .

Puppy for sale in USA

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What Our clients say about us …..

I bought a Chocolate Lab through Unique Puppy Center and could not be more pleased. I was kept informed on the entire process of having my puppy delivered right to my front door. It was nice to receive a "care" package prior to the puppy. Any questions I had were quickly answered. The integrity of Unique Puppy Center is tremendous. They pulled from the sale the original puppy I picked out due to a health issue that they became aware of. I highly recommend uniquepuppycenter.com

Jeff Allain

Certainly not cheap, but the cutest, sweetest, smartest little puppy was delivered, by hand, right to my door. I'm totally in love!!

Steve K.

Unique Puppy Center was great to work with. Our experience in getting our puppy was so smooth. We got a heAlthy and happy looking puppy. She is an excellent addition to our family and a loving little sister to my son.

Donna Shapiro

I could not be happier or more impressed. My unique puppy center experience has been positive from day one. My little girl is bringing much joy and companionship to my home.

Roberto Lopez

Unique puppy center was a great way to get our new "baby"! They were responsive to questions, came when they said they would, and overall made the whole process (especially the logistics) stress-free. I am very satisfied with the services provided by them.

Cheryl Freguson

Once you bring your new dog home, its smart ro begin training immediately. But where shout we start ? Whatsa the best way to train a puppy ? Our puppies are already 75% house broken and can make a good addition to any family.

Its your new pet is an older dog, they’re probably used to their name at this point. However Changing it isn’t out of question. A new name may even represent a fresh start.


Like humans, dogs need their own space. As early as possible, give your puppy their own private sleeping place , such as crate. Your dog will benefit from short periods left alone in the comfort and safety on their den.